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Victoria was subject to a pretty major windstorm overnight. No serious rain came with it, but very strong winds, just as the Bureau forecast. Lots of SES jobs.

20-09-2011 01-22-37

We had calls to 6 jobs where we are – some we passed to the council, one we couldn’t find, but we did a few ourselves too. Busy for a few hours.

One advantage we have in the rural area is a much lower population and housing density, so windstorm doesn’t affect us as much as urban areas. Trees falling in the bush aren’t a problem unless they block a road, but in heavily built up areas every falling tree has some impact on someone. City units are always busier than we are in windstorm.

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September 3, 2011 1 comment

Wow, over a month since I’ve posted to my poor neglected blog. Time flies.

Anyway, spring has sprung, and we took a trip to the velodrome with the girls after school a couple of days ago. The velodrome is in beautiful condition at the moment. Really looking forward to using it a lot during the summer.


The girls both took the vehicle of their choice – bike for the big girl, and scooter for the little one.


The scooter was fun for a while, then it was more exciting to climb the embankment.


Both had fun.



July 12, 2011 1 comment

Last night the kids made lamingtons. Mum helped a bit, but they pretty much did all the work.

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Home made sausage rolls

July 10, 2011 1 comment

Last night’s dinner was home made sausage rolls. Little Girl helped Lisa with them. We found that last season’s coriander has self-seeded in the herb garden and is regrowing, so the girls seasoned the pork mince with coriander and ginger. We ate them with sweet chilli sauce. For some reason there’s not a trace of them left at all.


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School sports

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Goal keeper

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Mount Moliagul lookout

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